Fat Grafting Coverage

At the Breast Reconstruction Awareness Day event in October, we learned that funding for fat grafting was not covered by the province. This procedure is minimally invasive and could improve reconstructive surgery outcomes. Several patients could benefit from this procedure but may not be offered the option due to lack of provincial funding. To get funding for fat grafting approved by the province, we must lobby government officials. We have prepared a Fat Grafting Example Letter that you can use as a starting point. Please feel free to tailor it with your own experience. Adding your story will personalize the letter and make it more impactful. To find your Member of Legislative Assembly, visit http://www.legassembly.sk.ca/mlas/. The Ministers of Health are available here.

What to Say (or Not to Say) to Someone with Cancer

In an effort to make things easier for people to talk to someone with cancer, here are a few things to keep in mind. We are still people, we are not our cancer. We have heard some things, which although not intentional, can be hurtful, particularly when someone is in the throes of diagnosis and treatment. Here’s a link to a video of some of these examples.

Examples of Things We’ve Heard

So what to say instead? Remember to provide support and comfort rather than raising concerns and worries. Here’s a link to more details on the importance of providing comfort.

Comfort In – Dump Out Concept

Please say something. Don’t avoid us or ignore us because cancer makes you feel uncomfortable. If talking about cancer makes you uneasy, talk about something else. Sometimes we don’t feel like talking about cancer either.


Thanks so much to everyone for attending last night’s support group meeting! We had some great discussions about where to find additional information and resources. Here are some of our favourite organizations and their websites:

Saskatchewan Breast Cancer Connect

Canadian Breast Cancer Network

Breast Cancer Foundation

Living Beyond Breast Cancer

ReThink Breast Cancer (for young women)

Canadian Cancer Society (former Willow website)

Saskatchewan Ministry of Health (guide for newly diagnosed)

Saskatchewan Cancer Agency (Breast Treatment Guidelines)

Welcome to our Group!

The Breast Cancer Support Saskatoon Group is a safe and welcoming place for you to share your stories and experiences with people who get it.  Feel free to come to group every month or drop-in whenever you feel the need. Keep checking the website for the latest meeting news and group updates!