Breast Cancer Support Saskatoon is a peer led support group to provide people with a breast cancer diagnosis an opportunity to connect and share with each other.

All of the support group facilitators have received a breast cancer diagnosis. We understand what you are going through.

The support group welcomes anyone who has received a breast cancer diagnosis.

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Monthly Meetings

Support group meeting are scheduled for the second Wednesday of each month. Schedule for 2018 is:

  • January 10
  • February 14
  • March 14
  • April 11
  • May 9
  • June 13
  • July 11
  • August 8
  • September 12
  • October 10
  • November 14
  • December 12

The group meetings allow people who have received a breast cancer diagnosis to connect so that we can learn from and share with each other.

Watch our clip on CTV Morning Live News to meet two of the facilitators for the group and learn a bit more about what you can expect.

Meeting will be at the Edwards Family Centre at 333 4th Avenue North. Parking is available directly on the south side of the building after 6pm. Additional parking is available in the the funeral home parking lot across the street, if there are no funeral signs up in the lot.

Please remember that the meeting space is a scent-free environment.


The Breast Cancer Support Saskatoon group began when several women diagnosed with breast cancer identified a gap in support services in the area. Thanks to their passion and dedication, the support group was launched. The support group is led by 4 facilitators.

Nathalie Baudais was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer in 2008 (at the age of 29) and with metastatic breast cancer in 2011. Her treatments have included multiple surgeries, chemotherapy regimes and radiation therapies. She has the BRCA1 genetic mutation. Nathalie is married and has one child. She works full time and is involved with a variety of breast cancer charities, as: board member for Saskatchewan Breast Cancer Connect, patient representative for Canadian Breast Cancer Network’s Living Legacy and It’s About mBC Time Campaigns; organizer for Breast Reconstruction Awareness (BRA) Day- Saskatoon.

Deanna Ratzlaff was diagnosed with Multifocal  Er+ Pr+  IDC April 2015 at the age of 44. Her treatments include several surgeries, Chemotherapy and Tamoxifen. Deanna is a wife and mother of 2 daughters. She works part-time for the Saskatoon Health Region and is involved in many Breast Cancer charities in Saskatchewan. Deanna is a board member of Saskatchewan Breast Cancer Connect as well as organizer for BRA Day- Saskatoon.

Gerarda Paton was diagnosed with breast cancer in February 2014. Her treatment included surgery, radiation and aromatase inhibitors and she is currently awaiting BRACA1 genetic testing. Gerarda is married with two grown children. She is an educator and a proud supporter of Breast Cancer research, CIBC Run for the Cure  and one on one support for newly diagnosed Breast Cancer patients.

Kristen Fiolleau was diagnosed in May 2014 with Triple Negative Breast Cancer and in October 2014 with Metastatic Breast Cancer. Treatment has included several regimes of chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. Genetic testing identified that she has a BRCA1+ mutation. Kristen is currently married and has one child. She receives benefits from Disability CPP. Kristen is also the Ambassador for the C95 Radio Marathon for Breast Cancer Research.


A Year of Reflection

The New Year presents an opportunity to reflect on the past year. The support group has had many accomplishments in 2017, including: support group established in January a meeting held every month throughout the year group facilitators and members have provided support to many women diagnosed with breast cancer, through all stages: initial diagnosis, throughout …


Email: contact@breastcancersupportsaskatoon.com